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Travel across the region, from north to south and from east to west

In 2021, the MACMA grouping of municipalities created, through its heritage and culturural section, a regional Wikiloc which brings together all the hiking routes that exist throughout the region. All of them are marked and indicated and are simply waiting for visitors to come and enjoy themselves in our towns and villages.

With more than 250 routes, which run from north to south and from east to west throughout our region, the common denominator is the chance to discover the natural and cultural heritage of La Marina.

In our regional Wikiloc you can find everything from hiking routes to urban routes, or even water routes by kayak or snorkelling.

In addition, our profile within the application is completely free of charge, so that you may navigate and follow the routes live through your mobile phone, as if it were a GPS, thus facilitating the journey without any danger of getting lost.

To access the application free and to be able to follow our routes, you simply have to follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Register as a Wikiloc user: it's completely free and you just need to give an email and specify a password.

Step 2

Install the Wikiloc application on your mobile phone. Scan the code below so as to install it on your device.



Step 3

Find us on Wikiloc and follow us so that you can always have our routes at hand.

Step 4

You can choose the routes you are interested in doing and save them as favourites.

Step 5

Do the route!! And go through the information on the application using the browser that will accompany you step by step.





Useful information...

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