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Promoting environmental education and experiential tourism

The Marina Alta area and its surroundings have been the scene of an initiative full of energy to promote environmental education in its territory, through actions of ecological and experiential tourism. The activities included several cultural and hiking routes, with an impressive 236 participants and 344 registered participants from 41 different municipalities.

With a total of 12 routes, from exciting night routes to daytime excursions, such as the Ruta de la Bolata and the visit to the Water Heritage in Sagra, to the Route to the Cathedral of Hiking in La Vall de Laguar, this programme has captivated the interest of the participants. The guided tours have been an enriching experience, offering a unique combination of urban routes through the villages concerned, visits to museums, olive oil mills and natural areas such as the sierras and marshes. This approach has not only promoted environmental education, but has also generated a collaborative and experiential tourism offer, benefiting both the participants and the visited territories.

Moreover, this initiative has not only been an educational opportunity, but has also acted as a catalyst for the increase of visits and overnight stays in this territory, creating a positive impact on its tourism and economic activity.  This experience has proved to be a win-win strategy, in which both the participants and the visited territory have found significant advantages, consolidating the importance of environmental education and responsible tourism in these fire-setting environments.

Routes offered

  • Night-time route to the l'Alt del Cocoll: Saturday 9th September, 20.00h - Castell de Castells.
  • Night-time circular route to Collao: Saturday 16th September, 20.00h - La Vall de Laguar.
  • Font Centella hike: Sunday 17th September, 08:00h - Orba.
  • La Bolata route, water heritage: Sunday 24th September, 08:30h - Sagra.
  • Route to the Mortits: Saturday 7th October, 18:00h - Sagra.
  • Route in the Castell: Sunday 8th October, 08:00h - Castell de Castells.
  • Route in the Castellet: Monday 9th October, 08:30h - Orba.
  • Route in the Pla Petracos  and visit to the Ethnographic Museum: Thursday 12th October, 08:00h - Castell de Castells.
  • Mud Route and visit to the Museu del Fang (Mud): Friday 13th October, 17:30h - Orba.
  • Route to the Poets: Saturday 14th October, 18:00h - Sagra.
  • Route to the Cresta del Cavall Verd: Sunday 15th October, 08.00h - La Vall de Laguar.
  • Route to the Catedral del Senderisme (Cathedral of hiking): Sunday 22nd October, 08:00h - La Vall de Laguar.

Successful participation and interaction with nature

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